Looking forward towards integral health

Looking forward towards integral health

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نقدم خدمات رعاية صحية متكاملة وعالية الجودة ، ترتكز على المريض

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نقدم خدمات رعاية صحية متكاملة وعالية الجودة ، ترتكز على المريض


You can count on us for everyday care to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

Our Approach

For everyday care or life-changing care, you can count the patient on us to keep you and loved ones safe and healthy.

A community in which all people achieve their full potential for health and well-being across the lifespan. We work to be trusted by patients, a potential for health and valued partner in the community, and creators of positive change.

We use a team approach to providing health care, and involve the patient as part of our team. Health our staff in the community enhances our ability to provide of often highly specialized effective.


To bring about a world-leading health transformation into a comprehensive, while Human are the centered of the healthcare


Providing integrated health care and prevention with easily reachable , in safe, sustainable and innovative system that enhance the role of primary care and help beneficiaries taking care of their health .



– Innovation

– Efficiency

– Empowerment

– Responsibility

Together hand to hand against corruption and consider integrity everyone's responsibility.
Dr. Abdulaziz Al-GhamdiChief Executive Officer

Our Facilities


Special Care

The specialized clinics in the Eastern Health Cluster provide the latest treatments in a range of medical fields including Cardiology, Orthopedics, and Oncology.


General Care

The Ministry of Health provides secondary health care services through a number of public hospitals; one of the most notable of these hospitals is Dammam Medical Complex.


Primary Care

Primary health care is the part of the medical service that is administering from within the community and it is often the first point of individual contact.

Our Services

We try hard to provide world-class medical care

Get Your Appointment

It is a service provided by the Ministry of Health to enable the beneficiary to book and manage their appointment at Primary Health Care Centers.

Interactive Map

It includes services related to the geographical area and information system. Searching for a health facility by title and distance.

Electronic Prescription Service

This service allows the user to dispense medicines through commercial pharmacies via remote consultation in any of the Ministry of Health channels.

Booking (Corona) Vaccine

(Take the Step) is a national awareness campaign launched by the Ministry of Health, which aims to urge all members of society on the importance of receiving the (Corona) Vaccine.

life threatening procedure. medical specialists treat many types of trauma. close up photo.


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خدمات كوفيد-19

خدمات متنوعة تشمل الرعاية الطبية بالعزل الصحي والتطعيم و الفحص


تشمل خدماتنا طب الجهاز الهضمي، وإجراءات التنظير الداخلي، وأمراض الكلى


تشخيص وعلاج الأشخاص المصابين بالصرع، وتمدد الأوعية الدموية


يضم مركز القلب أطباء متخصصون في جراحة الوصلات التمريرية، وجراحة القلب طفيفة التوغل


تقديم مجموعة كاملة من العلاج الطبي و الجراحي لكل من الاضطرابات الروتينية والمعقدة ذات الصلة بالعيون

المسالك البولية

يقدم قسم المسالك البولية الرعاية للمرضى الذين يعانون من اضطرابات جهاز المسالك البولية

أمراض الرئة

يُعنى بأمراض وحالات الأمراض ذات العلاقة بالجهاز التنفسي.


يشمل تخصصات فرعية مثل جراحة الركبة واليد وجراحات العظام الرياضية


تشخيص وعلاج الأمراض الجلدية والجراحات التجميلية

We strive to develop our expertise and capabilities

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"Every staff that I am in contact with went beyond to aid me with my medical needs. I am now enjoying a more active lifestyle. "
Mohammed Khalid— Bypass surgery